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Broken Care- diagnosis and treatment

Medical care is broken. The system is plagued with inadequate knowledge about you. Getting information requires continuity in the system with accurate and or appropriate information, treatment, imaging, etc. to work up the differential the doctor is considering. All of you and what happened to you prior to your current visit matters or should matter.

Portability in the health care system was the vision associated with the EMR. The same people who invented the system have been the regulators and supervisors of the portability we see or don’t see today. We need to demand better from the entire system while understanding our unique responsibility in improving it.

When you are in the doctors’ office (s), take notes, keep your own records, bring those records to the subsequent physician-keep your care on task to avoid “broken care.”. Demand to understand the reason for your diagnosis and treatment regimen. Less than this is not good enough.

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