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NU-MD Urology uses the latest medical technologies available to offer you the most comprehensive range of in-office urological services.

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Pediatric Urology

Children are not little adults. Dr. DeCambre is fellowship trained in Pediatric Urology and has been practicing Pediatric Urology for >10 years. You can trust her to be your child's advocate and interventionalist of sound judgement. We keep you in the loop and informed to be able to make the decisions that make the most sense you and your child. In Essex County, Dr. DeCambre is credentialed at greater than 5 institutions to support your child's care, including St. Barnabas and Newark Beth Israel with their exceptional Pediatric Units.


Urodynamics & Ultrasound

We have CLIA waived Urinalyzers, Hitachi Noblus US for kidney, bladder, penile, vulva, prostate, and or testicular evaluation right here on our premises. We may size and evaluate prostate. We locate and size undescended testicles and ensure their respective blood flow. We evaluate for urinary tract infections and ensure you are emptying your bladder efficiently. We evaluate urine flow, initially and in follow-up after intervention. ​


Adult Urology

Adult urology involves tumor, stones, infection and delayed diagnoses of congenital of kidney, bladder, ureter, urethra and or genitals. Dr. DeCambre has a well rounded approach to patient care and is as innovative as they come to making sure you or your family member has an excellent outcome.

Education & Lab

Dr. DeCambre will take the time to explain everything. She is passionate about your understanding your body and your role in the recovery you seek. She is mindful and works everyday to maintain the mindful approach to support you were you are and were you want to be in your urology education and lab review.



Get “FLOOR” (EMSELLA) and “CORE” (EMSCULPT) enhancements as supplement to managing your INCONTINENCE.