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Dr. DeCambre is well trained and has a ton of experience. A local girl, who attended Irvington High School where she entered the gifted program.  She ultimately attended Amherst College, Amherst Massachusetts and subsequently, successfully completed 3 additional graduate school programs. Two of which were at University of Rochester, where she attended medical and business schools. She also completed her surgery and urology residency at the University of Connecticut and completed her pediatric urology fellowship at the University of Washington and Seattle Childrens Hospital.

Her attentiveness to her public health responsibility as a physician comes not only from medical school training but also from her knowledge of public health genetics, which is another educational arsenal acquired at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health.  To that end, she has taken many precautions to ensure her patients, staff and the community are safe during this unprecedented time.

She has acquired additional training in reconstructive and robotic surgery applicable to adult and pediatric patient populations and is therefore a fantastic transitional urology option for patients who struggle to identify someone who can manage congenital problems beyond the traditional pediatric age range as well as the adult and pediatric patients she also serves.

Her public health genetic dissertation at UW and her basic science research relate to the disparities notable in healthcare that lead the establishment to minimize complaints of black and brown communities. 

Her educational experiences conjoined with additional training and interest in acupuncture and integrative nutrition is part of the culmination of all that is NU-MD Urology.

Dr. DeCambre is more mindful than most about the psychology that influences biology that supports the disease state and uses all of these experiences, education and training,  as well as pushes her entrepreneur and innovator role deliberately to evolve and keep up with the technology that works for you. 

The culmination of Dr. DeCambre’s experiences is a NU-MD Urology that creates an environment for care that puts you  and or your loved one first.  Right now that is all we are asking for is care that works for us. Knowing we are all taking full accountability of our health and wellness, now more than ever, Dr. DeCambre encourages and supports a “Mind Your Well” approach as the philosophy that runs her practice for her, her staff and for patients and their advocates.  

Dr. DeCambre endeavors to work hard for you from the initial visit to your last. 

Mission & Vision

Excellent whole person care that employ the necessary tools to optimal patient outcomes while building community, supporting and providing excellent education and opportunity for our patients and our community.

Technology, Innovation and Mindfulness

NU-MD Urology brings right amount of technology and innovation to you and encourages you to bring out your mindfulness today to optimize the best urology outcome for you.
NU-MD Urology
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Victoria SifenVictoria Sifen
21:51 08 Feb 22
I was referred by Dr. Pemberton and Dr. Van Buren from Artemis OBGYN to schedule a consultation with Dr. Decambre. I was happy with the choice given to me and I was even more pleased with the detailed information given on the planning of my newborns circumcision. The first day recovery was tough for my little one, but Dr. Decambre knew what she was doing. I appreciated the overall outcome of his surgery and the great communication she offered as well. I strongly recommend her office for any urological needs. Thanks again for your service.
Emily O'NeillEmily O'Neill
12:55 02 Feb 22
At my son’s 12 month old check up, the pediatrician discovered that his testicles were not fully descended. He promptly referred us to Dr Decambre and I’m glad he did. We had an initial consult that included a full history, exam, and ultrasound to confirm his diagnosis. Dr D spent over an hour with us reviewing the diagnosis, implications, and treatment options. She was thorough and offered ample opportunities for questions.My husband and I decided to go through with the surgery. The whole procedure took about an hour and Dr Decambre came out of the OR to update us when she was finished. Everything went smoothly! Our son was a little groggy and cried for about an hour after, but once we were home he was totally himself. We followed the discharge instructions to a tee (Tylenol, Neosporin, etc) and he was great. The next day, it was as if nothing had happened! 6 weeks later and I can barely see a scar and everything is where it should be.As a health care provider myself, I can say that not many Drs spend as much time with their patients. But Dr Decambre never rushed us and was extremely thorough, patient, and kind.
Najma ZafarNajma Zafar
12:14 22 Dec 21
Looking for urologist for my husband due to severe urology conditions. After searching decided to see Dr. December & really happy with the decision. Got an appointment the same day & Jeidine @front desk was so helpful.Dr. Decambre is compassionate, caring & very knowledgeable who not only listen to patient but also explains everything in detail. You don't really come across Dr like her now a days 🙂. I definitely recommend her if someone needs a urologist for sure.
Tiago Noel SouzaTiago Noel Souza
18:45 12 Oct 21
One of the best doctor Ive ever seen.
Ashley ElizabethAshley Elizabeth
16:57 17 May 21
Dr. Decambre and her staff are warm, kind and knowledgeable, the office was clean, safe and high tech! Under Dr. Decambre were able to pursue a treatment that made sense for us and wasn't invasive for my 14 month old. She incorporated a bit of a holistic approach that was still highly effective. I appreciate her approach which is based around the idea that every doctor has a toolbox of treatments and its important to pick the best treatment for the patient and their issue - we were able to avoid surgery!

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